Why Ask for Extra Benefits at Work?

Why ask for employee paid benefits at work?Why should you ask for extra benefits at work? If you don’t ask, it won’t be given. Employers struggle to attract and retain good employees. Offering competitive benefit packages is one way to meet this objective.

Without feedback from employees about what benefits are important, they may miss the mark. If employees don’t ask for what they need, they may miss out on important programs that help protect their families. Our mission is to help employees understand:

  1. Why it’s important to ask
  2. What benefits to ask for
  3. How to ask in a manner that ensures success

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Does Short Term Disability Cover Cancer?

Does short term disability cover cancer?A cancer diagnosis can quickly change the course of your life. One of those changes may be your ability to work and earn an income. Family finances are often stretched from the added medical expenses, and loss of income. So it is natural to ask “does short term disability insurance cover cancer?”

Cancer is one of the most frequently covered disability qualifying conditions. During treatment for cancer your ability to work may cycle through hills and valleys. There may be times when you can’t work at all, periods when you can only work part time, and times when you are able to return full time. Understand how your policy works, and how common policy definitions may be applied to cancer patients.   Continue reading…


Does Short Term Disability Cover Drug Rehabilitation?

Does short term disability cover drug rehabDoes short term disability insurance cover drug rehabilitation? If you are struggling with a substance addition problem, getting help to kick the habit can turn your life around. Most health insurance plans will cover the direct costs of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

But you may be asking how you can afford to leave work to enter a treatment facility. Your everyday living expenses will continue, but what about your income? If you work in a state with mandated short term disability, or you purchased a policy in the past, your time away from work may be covered. Continue reading…


Accident Insurance Policy for Employees

Accident insurance policy for employeesWhy might an employer offer an accident insurance policy for its employees? After all, traditional health insurance plans cover employees and their dependents for both accidents and sicknesses.

Most accident insurance policies are offered as a supplemental employee benefit. The policies are designed to fill gap in traditional health plans, and are often one hundred percent employee paid. To understand why it may make sense to offer an accident insurance policy to employees it is helpful to understand:

  • What gaps exist for employees?
  • How accident insurance fills the gaps
  • How offering policies may help employers

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Cancer Insurance After Diagnosis

Cancer insurance after diagnosisOctober is breast cancer awareness month, and in pondering what to write about it became clear that many people search online for “Cancer Insurance after diagnosis”. This question may be asked for several reasons, and unfortunately it may be too late for many people – or not.

Allow me to explain.

Some people may have purchased a policy years ago, were recently diagnosed, and need to understand how the policy works, and how to file a claim. If this describes your situation we will walk through how a policy works, and how a diagnosis of internal cancer is the key to unlocking benefits and getting paid. Continue reading…


The Average Cost of Critical Illness Insurance

The average cost of critical illness insuranceWhat is the average cost of critical illness insurance? Many of our prospective clients ask this question to get a feel for what they might need to spend every month. The short answer is: it depends.

More important than average costs is the need and the value. Without first understanding the need and value it does not matter whether the premium is one dollar a month, ten dollars a month, or a hundred dollars a month.

The average cost depends upon a number of variables which we will explore in more detail below:

  1. What the policy covers
  2. Your age at time of application
  3. The size of benefits

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